Accelerate the transition towards climate neutral economy





What We Do

We established an international network of sectoral experts in the greenhouse gas (“GHG”) segment with focus on Asian GHG mitigation projects. We have offices in Singapore and Hong Kong.

Issue α-Carbon Credit certificates

Issue validated and verified αCC certificates which each of it represents one metric ton of CO₂ or eqivalent GHG avoided or removed

Next generation solutions

Collaborate with partners in the eco-system to enable ditigalised solutions from data capturing, monitoring, reporting and verifying, to carbon credits issuance and securitisation for downstream distribution

Provide a trustworthy platform

Provide a trustworthy, transparent, and powerful platform for the issuance, trading, and retirement of voluntary carbon credits

Research & development

Jointly with strategic partners and governmental bodies to fertilise the development of carbon credit markets eco-system, including methodologies research and development, trainings and holding events

Why Choose ACI

ACI can ensure the integrity of carbon credits generated from registered GHG mitigation projects with focus on technologies and solutions in our Asian neighbourhood.

Technology based solutions

Direct air capture (DAC), renewable energy and energy efficiency projects

Urban based solutions

Mass transportation, electric vehicles, carbon sequestration in concrete and green construction projects

Nature based solutions

Forests, wetlands, and grasslands, biodiversity conservation, soil conservation, and water security.

Other solutions

Solar Cookstove, livestock methane